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Free Bowling

Below are the rules for my bowling. It is a simple game yet entertaining. You'll find the scores realistic and you don't have to be a pro to maintain a good average. Get together with the family and try it. Be sure to come back and sign my guest book if you like it. (You will need two dice. Draw up a score sheet like the one at the bottom of this page.  )

Dice Bowling Scoring: For keeping score use the same format as for candlepin bowling. Score sheets are included in package. How To Play: Use two dice. Each player has three turns per frame (as in bowling each would get three balls) .On the first turn ,always roll both dice. This is the first ball .If a player rolls a ten on the first roll then that player would mark a strike in the frame representing frame #1. If ,on the first roll, a player rolls higher than a ten (this would mean that one of the die is a six) then the six is counted as 6 The other die is counted as a zero. EXAMPLE # 1: one die is a 5 and one die is a six .Then that player gets a 6 on the first ball .On the second turn the player must decide to use one or two dice. In this case the player needs to roll a 4 or under so he would use one die .If the player rolls a 4 then he marks a spare .Higher than 4, it is counted as a gutter ball (0) Less than a 4, he would roll his third turn. EXAMPLE # 2 On the first roll a player rolls a six and a two, then he would have eight on his first ball . He will now roll one die for his second turn and try for a two . If he gets a two he scores a spare . If he gets a one then he has nine and he now rolls his third ball to try for a one . If he gets a one, he will score a 10 in that frame . Anything over a one would be a gutter ball and he would only score a 9 . EXAMPLE # 3 On the first roll (ball) a player rolls a three ; this time , on his second turn he would opt to roll both die to try and get a seven . If he does then he would score a spare . But ,if he rolls less than a seven then he would take his third turn using one die . Play as many strings as you like . Each string consist of ten frames . Three rolls for each frame . copyright 2000 J. Gary Brown